Social anxiety can be a complex issue with many people having slightly different opinions on the topic. As such I wanted to provide a page with additional resources, information, help and advice from other sites around the Internet to further your knowledge of this conditions and how to overcome it.

Panic Away

This is the featured self help guide I recommend and promote. Its results speak for themselves in being effective at helping people overcome panic and anxiety disorders.

Mayo Clinic

Extremely well trusted website for all things medical

Panic Page –

Anxiety page –

Social Anxiety page –

Anxiety Panic Attack Resource Site — Anxiety and panic attacks awareness

A good resources detailing the many types of panic and anxiety disorders that people can suffer from

Social Anxiety Assist

An Australian based organisation

Web MD

Well trusted and respected site giving medical information and advice

Calm Clinic

An excellent resource site for all things related to panic and anxiety. Contains an insightful 7 minute anxiety test that reveals a lot about you!

If you have any further resources you think should be added, please leave a comment!

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  • Traci Dakin says:

    The ingredients used in Zanaprin are natural and have been in use for hundreds of years in treating specific symptoms associated with anxiety disorders. This combination is very effective in naturally treating the cause for the ill functioning of the body that results in a person developing distressing anxiety and stress.

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